Roadblocks to Success

I am excited to announce I have almost completed three important certifications. One in Emotional Freedom Technique, one in Energy Psychology and one in Coaching. These certifications, a masters degree in healthcare innovation, and 20 years of leadership in the healthcare and technology industry, developing, managing, and launching successful products and services, uniquely qualifies me to be your coach. But more important is my own personal experiences with trauma, betrayal, self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.

It is because of these experiences that my deepest desire is to support people in building the bridge from where they are today to living a more fulfilling and empowered life. I am passionate about immunizing ourselves from the toxic thinking, people and situations plaguing so many of us in the world today, by equipping people with the skills and tools to build self confidence, achieve their dreams and live life with joy and enthusiasm.

We will work together to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and behaviors that are roadblocks to the success you want and deserve. Then we will work through and develop an actionable plan, so you can move forward on your own in achieving your dreams.

I offer a range of coaching and energy healing services. If you are not sure where to start, or what is getting in your way, or what coaching costs? I have a great offer. While I am completing my last few clinicals for certification, I am offering a kick start program FREE. This is a $297 value which includes an initial assessment and up to three goal setting sessions. These can be done in person or remote using Zoom for video conference. The initial assessment will help us decide what is right for you. Use the link below to get started and schedule your initial assessment or contact me at if you have any questions.

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Let’s build something together.

Schedule An Appointment – Kim Cobler’s Calendar