Getting Unstuck

Triumph Over Procrastination

This course is designed to help you get unstuck and triumph over procrastination. As you work through this course you will begin moving forward, rebuilding your life, and becoming better than ever before.

Course Information


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Course Only


This is a self-paced online course. It is 4 modules with 4 lessons in each. It is recommended to do at least two lessons a week. A new module of 4 lessons will be released every Monday.

Course and Group Coaching


This package gives you the benefit of the online course plus group coaching calls where you can get specific answers to questions and do group tapping for items you identified during the online course. Weekly calls are every other Tuesday at 5:30 pm Mtn.

Course, Group, and 3 Private Coaching Sessions


This package is designed to go much deeper. In addition to receiving the online course and the group coaching you can schedule 3 private coaching sessions within a 12 week period once you have started the course.