Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim Cobler is a life coach, certified clinical EFT practitioner, and an assistant communications professor. She  has helped hundreds of faith based women from around the world move through their biggest challenges, renew hope, and find joy and peace, while thriving in the process of recreating a new life. She specializes in working with LDS women in the next phase of life who are feeling stuck or struggling to move forward with achieving their purpose. In addition to coaching she is currently working on her first book and has just released a new online course called Getting Unstuck.

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She has a doctorate in behavioral health management, a masters in healthcare innovation, a bachelor’s in communication, and an associates degree in computer information systems.  She has over 25 years of business and leadership experience in the healthcare and software industries. She is also a certified six sigma black belt, and trainer in Canfield’s success principles. She has been certified as a scrum coach, product owner, software quality engineer, and energy psychologist. The common thread through all of her education and background is a passion for personal development through leadership, quality, innovation, technology and growth.

Her lucky number is three because she has three children and three grandchildren and loves spending quality time with them. She loves traveling, being outdoors, and hiking with her sweet dog Ellie. She has completed 5 marathons, 3 triathlon sprints, and many half marathons. But the hardest thing she has ever done is get divorced, after 35 years of marriage. This is when she truly learned about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His healing power in her life. Now, she is passionate about nurturing her relationship with God and sharing her love for the Lord through her words, thoughts, deeds and actions. This relationship trumps everything else.

Her personal experience with overcoming heartbreak and building the courage and faith to thrive again, along with her business experiences and behavioral health education give her the ability to create a safe and loving space for women to tackle their most vulnerable topics and heal the wounds of past traumas. At the same time, her cheerful and kind disposition supports them in finding their voice, removing limiting beliefs, and owning their divine identity to confidently create the life they were meant to live.

Creating the Courage to Emerge Triumphant

“My session with Kim was wonderful! She is professional, bright, and intuitive. Kim made me feel comfortable by explaining the process and supporting me through the energy shifts. I am a professional energy worker and I could feel the energy clearing from my body from the EFT work we did. EFT is powerful. Combining that with working with Kim takes it to a whole new heartfelt level. Thank you Kim!

Learn more about Dr. Kim’s approach and download free tools at the link below.