Free from Worry

Well worrying is a fact of life. If we are pushing ourselves to grow and do new things there will always be things to worry about. However, sometimes worry can cause us to get stuck, or repeat unhealthy patterns we would like to eliminate. There are ways to help us manage and move through our worries in a better way.

Last December I held a workshop on worry and provided some tools and tips on how to work through worry and ease some of the discomfort. Recently I updated the handout and saved off the sections where we did a guided meditation and some tapping so you can listen to them without loading the entire workshop. This workshop just scratches the surface of things we can do to help ease our worries but in an effort to reduce all the worry in the world today, I wanted to share this with you.

A couple of notes: I chose to only share the audio to better protect the privacy of the attendees. Since it was a zoom workshop and we were all online I didn’t do a great job of stating each point we were tapping on. So if you are new to tapping I recommend having the diagram in the handout handy and moving through the points on the diagram as you tap, for the times when I am not stating the points.

I hope you find this valuable and share it with those who might need some extra support in managing their worries.

Much Love, Kim

Complete Worry Workshop
Tapping Away Worry
Guided Meditation on Worry
Worry Sneak Away

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