Using Invisible Counselors

I have had some amazing experiences with clients when walking them through guided meditations. I use a meditation during a session if I think the client needs to move into a more relaxed state and open their mind to additional options or considerations. I also use it at the end of a session to ensure the client is feeling relaxed and peaceful.

One of my favorite meditations is designed to help a client resolve troubles or find solutions to challenges. When I am in a coaching session, I modify the meditation based on what they are working on, but I have also done group meditations using a more general approach and have had some fantastic outcomes. I would love for you to have a similar experience, so I am sharing the meditation for you to download.

There are a lot of meditations out on YouTube or the internet and I have downloaded and enjoyed many of them. I often wonder about the descriptions and guidance given and if there is significant meaning or methods in the guidance. I thought it might be helpful to provide some the of background and science around this meditation and my approach.

First, I use physiological techniques to cue the brain and body. The cues trigger a physiological response inducing relaxation and helps to put the body in an alpha state and relax the autonomic nervous system. This is important because to resolve issues or receive guidance you don’t want to be limited by your conscious mind. So, I have to get the body in a higher state of consciousness. This is a very different place than when you are reacting from your limited, small, conditioned, conscious mind. Some of these cues are “relaxing the tongue on the floor of the mouth”. This always calms the body. Check right now to see where your tongue is or any time you are feeling tense. By letting your tongue rest loosely on the floor of your mouth you are sending a signal to your body that there is no external threat. I also slow the breathing down. This often helps to put your autonomic system into a more relaxed state, calming the body and the mind.

Once you are in a state of higher consciousness, I bring in a counselor. I attribute this technique to Napolean Hill. In his book, Think and Grow Rich, he discusses bringing in his counselors. I love the idea of being able to create a board of counselors to help me with all my big decisions. This meditation brings in a primary counselor and any support beings you feel necessary. When you are in a relaxed state of higher consciousness you are more creative and open minded. I am constantly amazed at the creativity and the wisdom of my clients and the type of counselors they envision.

During the meditation it is also critical to make sure the client is in a safe space. Often times clients don’t have a real safe space. During the meditation it is critical to feel safe because any perceived threat prevents you from staying in a relaxed state. I also engage all 5 of your senses. This helps to access deeper parts of the brain and equip us to not only access memories from the hippocampus, but this also helps us retain what we learn during the meditation in our long-term memory.

Finally, this meditation has you work with what is troubling you. We pull the troubles out of our body in order to distance you from your troubles and to acknowledge you are not your troubles or your disease. Often, clients want to get rid of their troubles, however, hard times and troubles are still a part of you. We don’t want to label a part of ourselves as wrong or bad or ugly. Your troubles exist because in some way they are trying to protect you or help you from a perceived threat. This meditation is designed to integrate and transition those troubles into a gift because they are gifts of knowledge and learning. This is an important part of your healing journey. We want to process troubles and transition them into something more positive.

I hope you enjoy this meditation.

Much love,


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