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Learn the New Way I Exercise from Home and Boost my Immune System,

I can’t tell you how excited I am about my bands. BFR has been around for ages but these are the only bands that are safe, waterproof, convenient and comfortable. I still have a long way to go but I am already feeling the benefits of using my B3 Bands. I have reduced my arthritis medication, I have less pain, I feel stronger and I can finally do some light jogging again. Exercising in the outdoors is one of my primary ways to reduce stress and I am so thankful I can do more now. As I learn more about the benefits of the bands I get more and more excited.

B3 Bands may be the solution for everyone from 8-90 years old, to get health boosting exercise even right from home.

Everyone understands the benefits of exercise . . . but do they also know vigorous exercise for 45 minutes can boost your immune systems ‘natural killer cells’ by up to 10 times?

  • Imagine doing a 10 minute light exercise session at home with no equipment or weights and getting the benefit of 45 minutes of vigorous exercise
  • Imagine going for a 10 minute walk and getting the benefit of 45 minutes of vigorous exercise
  • Imagine exercising from work in 10 minutes and not even changing your clothes and getting the benefit of 45 minutes of vigorous exercise

On June 26, Dr. Mike did a presentation on B3 Bands and the benefit to your Immune System with light exercise, you can watch it now onlineRecorded Presentation

Scientific Proof: Science proves that 45 minutes of vigorous exercise boosts your immune system. Read this study

  • If you want to fast forward to the summary: ‘during exercise, the number of some immune cells in the bloodstream can increase dramatically by up to 10 times, especially ‘natural killer cells‘ which deal with infections’

Proof on BFR: Science proves light exercise with BFR creates the same benefits to your Immune: Read this study on BFR

  • If you want to fast forward to the summary: ‘the recent literature has pointed out that metabolic stimuli (induced by resistance training plus BFR) such as hypoxia and metabolic overload (H+, Pi, lactate accumulation) are also potential activators of IL-6, macrophages and neutrophils‘ and ‘ BFR exercises, although characterized as low force exercises, are effective not only to increase the MPS response, but also the multitude of immune cell responses that accompanies muscle hypertrophy’

If you are ready to exercise the new way and boost your immune system, contact me and I can help you order your B3 Bands or go right to my web page to learn more or place your order!


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All of us need to focus on improving our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Exercise can helps us thrive in all three areas.

Much Love, Kim


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