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Hi there!

I am Kim Cobler, a life and energy coach whose true calling and passion is helping others build resilience and create transformation. I am the resilience master! After years of beating myself up for making yet another journal entry saying, “I will do better or try harder”, it finally occurred to me, with every entry I was picking myself back up, dusting off, and jumping back into the ring. It was time to start celebrating success instead of counting the number of times I fell down. That’s what resilience and transformation are all about.

Now I get to help others become the next best version of themselves while feeling happy, fulfilled, and joyful. So, let’s get started reclaiming your courage and getting the confidence and clarity you need to build the life and vision you are meant for.

My coaching and training methodologies integrate a broad range of skills and tools including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping), 25 years of business experience, my personal life experience, a master’s degree in Healthcare Innovation and current pursuit of a Doctorate in Behavioral Health Management. This and my certifications as a Canfield trainer in Canfield’s success principles and Energy Psychology from EFT Universe, gives me the expertise to lead clients in removing limiting beliefs and getting out of their own way.

“My session with Kim was wonderful! She is professional, bright, and intuitive. Kim made me feel comfortable by explaining the process and supporting me through the energy shifts. I am a professional energy worker and I could feel the energy clearing from my body from the EFT work we did. EFT is powerful. Combining that with working with Kim takes it to a whole new heartfelt level. Thank you Kim!

– Sheena Smith Curtis

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